Hit Them with A Smashing BNI 60 Seconds

A Practical Guide for BNI Members to Increase Referrals through Effective Sales Manager Minute (60seconds)Presentations


The Sales Manager Minute (Better Known As 60 Seconds)

Each week you will have the opportunity to educate your BNI “Marketing Team” on how to identify prospects, open a conversation, ask relevant questions, and get permission for you to speak to the prospect about the possibility of doing business, and to inform members of your target market for the week. (The Sales Manager Minute is not about selling to Members!)

Your “Marketing Team” can do this most effectively if they understand WHAT you have to offer and WHY the prospect would be better off using YOU rather than a competitor.

To achieve this, the Sales Manager Minute is divided into 5 specific sections:

* Section 1 – Introduction (15 seconds)
* Section 2 – Focus Area (15 seconds)
* Section 3 – Story / Testimonial (15 seconds)
* Section 4 – Call for Action (10 seconds)
* Section 5 – Memory Hook (5 seconds)

Each of these sections has a specific role to play in providing your “Marketing Team” the required information to bring you business.

We suggest you use the template below to prepare your weekly Sales Manager Minute so that you have all areas covered, and also proportioned to the time allocated.


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