Hit Them with A Smashing BNI 60 Seconds

A Practical Guide for BNI Members to Increase Referrals through Effective Sales Manager Minute (60seconds)Presentations


SECTION 3 - Story / Testimonial (15 seconds)

Tell a story relating to the focus area above, highlighting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), your value added services, the benefits of your services and/or the differentiating factors from your competitors.

Remember to differentiate and emphasise on your BENEFITS, not features.
* Who you have helped...
* What their problem, complaint or difficulty was...
* What you did for them...
* Why others would BENEFIT from dealing with YOU in the same circumstance...

All of us remember stories better. The story becomes the “ammunition” for your “Marketing Team” to share with their prospects, and secure the permission for you to call.

Express your story by using props wherever possible. SHOW & TELL!

I have always suggested to members to build their stories around a genuine happening. You can then add, delete or modify the details and produce a story that focuses on the above elements.

Whatever you do, it is very important that the story come across as something genuine and believeable.

Never overclaim!


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