Hit Them with A Smashing BNI 60 Seconds

A Practical Guide for BNI Members to Increase Referrals through Effective Sales Manager Minute (60seconds)Presentations


SECTION 4 – Call for Action (10 seconds)

After sharing what you do in Section 1, your focus area of the week in Section 2, reinforcing your competitive advantage in Section 3, it is now time to ask your “Marketing Team” to bring in the business for you in Section 4.

Ask your “Marketing Team” to take action by saying any of the following:

“Who do you know who …(requires your services)”
“An ideal referral source for me would be a ….(target market)”
“A contact sphere that I am looking for…..(target market)”
“A good referral for me this week……..(target market)”

Another alternative is shown below. I like this one as it is more specific in the action required and the result desired.

“This week, I want you to look out for …… (specific situation), if you see …… (someone in the specific situation) ……tell them that you have a friend who can ……(provide a specific solution/ benefit). Would it be okay if I get him/her to call you?”

You must always ask your members to take action and it has been shown that those who do get more referrals than those who dont'. This is very obvious, yet you will find members skipping this section of the sales manager minute.

Successful world class chapters hand out a "Listen for Referral" sheet to their members to record down the call for actions of members. By writing down the target markets, each members would then be more effective in getting the desired referals for their fellow members.

If your chapter is not practising this, then be the one that initiate this in your chapter.


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